How to get to Bwindi National Park

How to get to Bwindi  National Park; Bwindi is found in southwestern Uganda about 530km from the capital, Kampala. The main entry point into the county is Entebbe International Airport which is about 46km from kampala.
Most visitors to Bwindi are interested in Gorilla expeditions and so will go to those areas that are known to have gorillas. A 3 day gorilla safari in Uganda is the most desired trip in Uganda.
By air, visitors can fly from Entebbe or Kajjansi Airfield to the airstrip at Kisoro. Those going to Buhoma can charter planes to Kayonza Airstrip.
The park can be reached from several directions by road. It can be reached from Queen Elizabeth national Park (Mweya) which is about 160km from Bwindi and can be a 3hour ride.
It can also be reached by road from to Kampala to Kabale through Kanugu to Buhoma. This is a tarmac highway route of about 414km and can take about 5-6hours.
Still from Kampala you could tale the Kampala-Ntugamo-Rukungiri-Kahihi-Buhoma roué of about 390km of tarmac and 82km of murram roads.
There is also the Kampala-Kabale-Ruhija-Buhoma 95km route, and the Kampala-Kabale-Nkuringo 80km route.
You could also take a bus from Kampala to Butogota . From Butogota, you can hire a taxi to take you to Buhoma. There is no public transport to Nkuringo but vehicles can be hired from Kisoro.
You can hire a tour operator or agency to make all necessary travel arrangements for your trip.
Airline and Ticket prices.
Information on airlines and ticket prices for flights to Uganda can be found on Skyscanner for those looking for flights to multiple destinations, and also on Expedia.
Passport, visa and other entry requirements.
Information on Passport, Visa and other travel requirements can be got from tours operators.
There is a range of accommodation for both upmarket and budget visitors. It is advisable to book in advance.
To go gorilla trekking in Bwindi, you need a permit. Sometimes these permits need to be booked about 3 months in advance. Gorilla trekking permits are $500 in Uganda.
Gorilla rules:

  • To protect both gorillas and visitors the following rules must be adhered to;
  • No one with a communicable disease such as flu or diarrhoea is allowed to visit the gorillas
  • Leave a distance of about 5m between you and the gorillas. If they approach , you move back.
  • Flash photography is strictly forbidden
  • Do not eat or smoke within 200m of the gorillas
  • If you need to sneeze or cough, turn away from the gorillas and cover your nose and mouth
  • Bury all human faeces in a hole dug atleast 30cm( 1 ft) deep. And ensure that it is filled properly
  • All litter must be removed from the park for disposal
  • Do not spit on vegetation or soil within the park
  • No person under 15 years of age is allowed to track gorillas
  • When with gorillas avoid making loud noises or sudden movements
  • Contact/viewing time with gorillas is strictly limited to one hour
  • Please observe all instructions from your guide.


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